And Now, We Do something About It

I saw myself in a mirror last night.

Yes, I know, I do that every morning to shave, comb my hair and put in my contacts. But this was different.

I took the almost-12-year-old to dinner at a Chinese restaurant. Mom’s out of town. I didn’t want to cook. Dinner was okay. This particular place is better for carry out than dine in.

But when we stood up to go, that’s when I saw my reflectin in the wall if mirrors, and thought “Oh…my…”

I looked horrible.

Look, I’ve known all my life that I’ve had weight issues. It was only a short time in and after college that I was in pretty good shape.

And I have a constant quest to lose weight, get in to shape. But it’s a battle I’ve been losing for years.

That changes. Right now.

The losing of the battle ends. The losing of the weight begins.

I’ve tried most “solutions” with little or no luck. I’ve done Atkins, the Grapefruit Diet, the Six Week Body Makeover, Right Size Smoothies and more. They’ve all had a measure of success, But none that lasted.

Over the years I’ve spent enough on diet remedies and gym memberships to buy that new wardrobe I was lamenting yesterday.

So, no more “magic” fixes. Change begins today.

I am setting a goal to make one positive health/weight related change in my life every day. I’ve actually done pretty well in limiting fast food and soda since the first of the year. This morning was the third time I’ve been through a drive through since January 1. That’s an improvement because it wasn’t the third time since Monday.

But that’s it. That’s today’s positive change. No more fast food. No more soda.

It’s going to take some discipline.

My plan is that if fast food is my only food option, I don’t eat. Same with soda.

I’ve done some research, and am continuing to do more on nutrition and healthy eating plans. And I’m discovering how the diet industry has really wanted to keep me fat. See the above spending money reference.

But this is not a diet. It’s a lifestyle change.

I’m going to keep a running journal…no wait, not a running journal, I don’t run. But I’ll track my progress here.

I’ll not give a starting weight. But I’ll tell you how many pounds I’m down. Or up.

So, here goes.


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    • Beth Dunnavant on February 10, 2012 at 6:44 pm

    Primal Blueprint. 😉 It’s not a fad, they don’t sell stuff or the plan and mail it to you, it’s good sense and all you have to do is look at me, Mark and Chelsea and you will believe.

    • Mike on February 10, 2012 at 7:00 pm

    I signed up for the email list the other day. It’s part of the research mentioned above. 🙂

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