George Lucas: We Want Our Money Back

When I first saw Star Wars in 1977 it as revolutionary. Face it, we were in the malaise of the Carter Administration. We needed to see some good guys blowing stuff up.

But since the original trilogy, George Lucas has continued to produce prequels and remakes that just don’t live up to the original series.

And now, he commits blasphemy.

In the continued sissification (oh c’mon, that’s all it is) of Hollywood that took weapons out of the hands of the police in ET, Lucas now says that Han didn’t shoot first.

From Gizmodo: George Lucas Now Says That Han NEVER Shot First As He Shoves Star Wars 3D Down Your Throat

No, George, you can draw all the lasers you want and add all the wider shots you want, but you can’t rewrite history. If Greedo had shot first in that scene setting you directed, Han would be dead, period. Nobody can miss at that distance. Not even a stormtrooper.

Michael Graham has a video comparison:

Graham says: As a pro-property-rights, libertarian-leaning conservative, I would absolutely support a federal government raid of Lucas’s Skywalker Ranch, the complete seizure of all Star Wars-related materials—as well as all of Lucas’s copyrights—so that the prequels could be destroyed and the story re-told from scratch by competent screenwriters and directors.


The original Star Wars was magic.

Lucas needs to leave it alone.

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