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It’s Spring and The Washington Post Finds A New Cause

The editors at Washington’s dinosaur print media haven’t been this giddy since back in 2006 when they had the chance to print eight-hunnert-and-fifty-leven bazillion articles about “macaca.” That’s a rough estimate. It may be too low. But now, they’ve got the current Virginia Governor, Bob McDonnell and the next Virginia Governor, Ken Cuccinelli all tangled …

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Physician, or in this case, Terry McAuliffe, heal thyself

The Richmond Times-Dispatch is reporting that Terry McAuliffe wants gifts to the Governor and other public officials to be banned if they’re valued over $100. That’s not a bad idea. But, Terry McAuliffe lecturing anyone about gifts to public officials is a little like Anthony Weiner  lecturing about Internet manners or Mark Sanford talking about …

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