It’s Spring and The Washington Post Finds A New Cause


The editors at Washington’s dinosaur print media haven’t been this giddy since back in 2006 when they had the chance to print eight-hunnert-and-fifty-leven bazillion articles about “macaca.” That’s a rough estimate. It may be too low.

But now, they’ve got the current Virginia Governor, Bob McDonnell and the next Virginia Governor, Ken Cuccinelli all tangled up (they hope) in Cater-gate 2013.

Norm’s got the story over at Bearing Drift. WaPo raises the specter of an FBI investigation into McDonnell

Seems the FBI has some questions about catering operations at the Executive Mansion involving Virginia’s first family.

But, as Norm points out (and the post does not) who is the main source of “intelligence” for the FBI?

None other than the former Executive Mansion chef who is, himself, awaiting trial for felony embezzlement. And currently, that’s the only side of the story we have.

Were there some hinky goings on in the kitchen of “the oldest continually occupied governor’s residence built for that purpose in the United States?”

I have no idea.

In reality, I doubt The Washington Post does either. But the lack of facts has never stopped them before. Whether it was bringing down George Allen with infinite stories of macaca, or their attempt to bring down Bob McDonnell’s gubernatorial campaign with incessant stories about his thesis at “Pat Robertson’s School” (shudder) the Post loves to hate them some Virginia Republicans.

But not to worry, I’m sure their crack investigative team (stop laughing) will be just as diligent investigating Terry McAuliffe and GreenTech.

If, by the way, you’re actually not laughing, email me for the price of the bridge I’ve got to sell you.

Norm’s exactly right when he says:

With the Washington Post playing free and loose with the idea of an FBI corruption inquiry that may never happen, what is clear is that a narrative is forming…Bob McDonnell is a corrupt pol. And Ken Cuccinelli? Yup, he is too. The Washington Post, for one, will do everything in its power to see that this narrative not only survives, but thrives.

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