Extraordinary Things

“It is freedom that allows ordinary people to do extraordinary things.”

American talk show host and author, Rush Limbaugh, was born on this day in 1951 (died 2021).

I wasn’t a regular Rush listener, particularly in recent years. But I listened enough to know that most of the criticism leveled at him over the years was a bunch of malarkey, to use a polite term.

I’m old enough to remember when people could disagree over politics and still act like humans. One of the reasons I don’t do much politically these days is the insanity of the cancel culture.

Rush was one of the best in dealing with that. If you can’t see that, then you’re sort of proving my point.

This post is not about Rush Limbaugh who did, by the way, do extraordinary things.

I’d like to do extraordinary things.

I am, after all, far too old to die young.

I used to use the song Corner of the Sky from Pippin as sort of a theme song. I aged out of that a long time ago. But Pippin also sings a song about being extraordinary.

If the floorboards are squeaking
And the doorboards are leaking
And the chimney’s in need of repair
If the garden has brambles
And the yard is in shambles
Well I’m terribly sorry
But I don’t care

I’ve got to be someone who lives
All of his life in superlatives
I’m extraordinary
I gotta do extraordinary things

My neighbors really hate that yard in shambles part.

Honestly, I’m trying. For most of November and December, I was working seven days a week. And then, if you’ve been reading, well…but beyond that it’s darned cold out there.

I don’t know that I really want to do extraordinary things.

Maybe I’d rather just do the ordinary things extremely well.

That works, doesn’t it?

Sing for us Danniebelle…


Photo by Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash

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