Smaller, and fewer

Not listening! Not listening!

Again, not a nutrition post.

I’m figuring this out. But, reality is that I’m often too distracted by things thrown at me.

I’ve learned that you can mute conversations on Messenger. They’re still there, but you don’t get the notifications.

I continue to unsubscribe from emails. While it was a dream 30 years ago, I am not going to be an event planner or own my own event company. Don’t worry, I’m still producing events and productions. That’s a different story.

And, sorry, but again not sorry, I’ve hidden a lot of you on Facebook. It’s not that I don’t care, it’s just that I can’t fix you. I have my hands full trying to fix me.

There’s so much thrown at us these days. 24-hour news, constant notifications, spam texts and phone calls.

It’s an ongoing battle, but I’m working to reduce the noise.



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