Getting it write


Don’t get it right, just get it written.

American author and illustrator James Thurber was born on this day in 1894 (died 1961).

Everybody’s a nag…

I’m writing. I’m writing.

Or, I’m trying to.

December suddenly got a lot busier than I had planned.

No, except for a few daytime work trips that took me out of town there’s nothing on my calendar that I didn’t agree to.

I’m walking into a weekend when there will be very few windows for writing. My challenge is to use those windows to get some words down on paper, or on screen.

It doesn’t matter that the words or the stories may not be perfect. It matters that I’m putting words together, one after another.

Nearly everything I write has to be edited. Sometimes more than once. I’ll often come back here to correct a typo I find, or my wife finds, mid-morning.

But the reality is that I can’t sit down and write the perfect post, the perfect story, the perfect novel on the first try. If I try to tell myself that I can I’ll end up staring at the screen, or scrolling through Facebook, or even hitting the games link.

There may come a time when I can sit down and crank out a story, or an article. But it’s never going to happen if I’m out of practice.

I’m using what free time I have in December to work on the script, and to develop a writing plan for 2017. It’s ambitious and it may need to be revised.

But first I have to get it written.

And oh, by the way, I don’t send Christmas cards any more (or any less).

Also born on this day in 1925, American actor, singer, and dancer Sammy Davis, Jr. (died 1990)


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