Never stop learning


I need to learn every day.

English actress Judi Dench was born on this day in 1934.

Remember thinking that once we got out of high school, or got out of college we were finished with learning?

Trust me, I didn’t think that for very long.

I have a teenage son who thinks he’s had all the school he needs because anything he needs to know he can find on Google.

Except maybe the password for his savings account.

I digress.

Life is a continual learning process.

They say, whoever they are, that you learn something new every day.

I look for opportunities for classes and webinars that will make me a better writer, or a better actor. In my day job, I’m constantly looking for opportunities to improve.

Sometimes I take opportunities like “free” webinars that turn into commercials. Sometimes the free information you get is good, and for the low, low price, good for today only…

It’s the weekend. I may not be learning much this weekend (at least not in any organized manner), and like I said yesterday, I may not find time to write.

But we keep trying.

Let this take you into the weekend.


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