Okay, now you can say pumpkin


Look, I know I tried to hang onto summer as long as possible. But there was no stopping autumn from coming.

That doesn’t mean it was okay to put out pumpkins for sale in August…or Christmas trees now.

Let’s not rush the seasons.

Didn’t your Mama ever say to you “you’re wishing your life away?”

This has nothing to do with me counting down the days until our next week at the beach. Or counting down the days until my retirement.

Look away from the calendar.

Hey! I’m talking here.

We all have things we look forward to. But sometimes, more often than we’d like to admit, we miss the fun of today because we’re looking to something in the future.

The thing about pumpkins being in the story in August or Christmas decorations in the store in September is that somebody must be buying them.

I’ve been binge-watching Mad Men again, so I’m sure that all of the marketing research and experts in advertising

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in sales believe the earlier they get things on the market the better sales will be.

No, I’m not going off on a tangent about companies who start their Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving afternoon.

I’m also not shopping there on Thanksgiving. Or Black Friday for that matter.

It’s the only recourse I have.

Well, that and ignoring the pumpkins that were at Kroger in August, or refusing to order my one-for-the-season pumpkin spice latte until Thanksgiving.

We can’t stop the pages of the calendar from turning. We can’t stop the clock.

But there’s no use wasting time fretting about what’s coming next month.

Get out, enjoy today.

The leaves will be turning (and falling) soon. They may already be doing so in your area.

Here in Virginia you can feel the change in the air. You could also feel the week or so of rain because, well, it was State Fair season.

We don’t yet know how Hurricane Matthew will affect the eastern U.S. And, while we should keep a watch and most certainly pray for those currently in the path, worrying about it won’t do us much good.

Just keep a watch on the news.

You might have to take the pumpkins off the porch.

Also born on this day in 1941, American singer-songwriter Chubby Checker.


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