Welcome Summer

This is not my yard.

This is not my yard.

It’s a new week. A new Monday.

A new Season. Contrary to common belief, Memorial Day is not the first day of summer, today is.

How are you using it?

Yesterday was Father’s Day. I’ll say it again, mine has been gone far too long and I still miss him. My boys were either working (as was I) or traveling, so no tie, no new grill, no re-sodding of the lawn.

No, they didn’t forget what day it was. True that Mom probably helped them.

And, that’s okay.

This week is about writing opportunities, it’s about my “graduation” from The Mighty Pen Project, it’s about traveling back to our alma mater to celebrate my wife’s [number redacted] college reunion.

We’re leaving the boys and the beasts to guard the homestead whilst we’re in Our Old Kentucky Home.

This design and more available in The Write Side Shop (click the pic).

This design and more available in The Write Side Shop (click the pic).

I’m taking the time to regroup on the writing. Since class is officially over I can go back to the script, or the novel, or both, or something completely different.

The class rekindled the flame for creative (fiction) writing. So there will be more of that in the days coming up.

I haven’t found the magical formula that lets me accomplish all of the things I want to accomplish.

Let’s use the yard for an example. There’s much to be done. My limitations these days are time, weather, and sadly, health. I’m a bit creakier than I used to be and the arthritis flares up a bit more.

I saw on TimeHop (or was it Facebook memories?) the other day that about six years ago I was attempting to clean out the dry stream bed. That’s on this year’s project as well. Although with this year we have the added joy of copperheads being spotted in the neighborhood. Frequently.

Yes. Long pants, gloves, and a handy shovel.

Not sure why I’m talking so much about the yard work other than the fact that it’s one of the distractions that keeps me from writing.

My challenge, and yours may be different, is that after working a 40 hour week, working on the weekends, trying to get some yard work done, and trying to keep up with the blog, it’s hard to sit down to do serious writing.

The empty bottle of Apothic Dark on my desk has nothing to do with it.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m still doing my 1,000 words a day project. But that’s for my eyes only.

It’s summer. There’s yard work to do. There’s writing to do.

And, there’s fun to be had.

I’m not going to stress over what does and doesn’t get done.

Well, maybe I am, that’s why there’s Apothic Dark.

But seriously, there’s always going to be a list of things to do. What’s important is that we keep moving.

We’ll never get to the end of our lists. Or the end of the internet.

Or, sadly, even the end of the rainbow.

That doesn’t mean we should stop trying.


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