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Publicity can be terrible. But only if you don’t have any.

American actress and singer, Jane Russell, was born on this day in 1921 (died 2011).

If you don’t get the title, look it up. It might do you good.

They, whoever they are, say that the only bad publicity is when they mispell your name. I’ve heard that a lot in politics.

I’m not so sure it’s true. Especially when your name is used in the same headline as the word “indictment.”

Enough about politics.

Much the same is also true in acting. Even a bad review means that you’ve been in something that was reviewed.

So, there’s that.

Daily I see posts and emails from people wanting to help me get the message out there. Wanting to help me promote my blog, my book, my whatever.

Here we can make you rich…just send us $499.

I’ve talked about this before and don’t want to drive the point into the ground. Many of those people may mean well, but they basically make their money selling you programs about how they made their money.

True story, I’ve never spent the $499.

I have a small, but loyal, following here. I have no magic formula to turn this into a mega-blog that allows me to quit my day job.


Writing is a process. It’s a continual learning process for me. Even at my age (which is soon to go up another digit).

Would I love to have my backside parked in a beach house cranking out best sellers? Sure.

Is it going to happen? Maybe. Maybe not.

The majority of artists that I know, writers, actors, or those in the visual arts, have a survival job to get them through the week.

And that’s okay.

Here’s the thing about dreams, you can sit around waiting for them to happen, or you can get out and make them happen.

So what if you start when you’re fifty instead of when you’re twenty? When you’re eighty, that’s not going to make much difference.

My writing, my acting, and even my graphic design, is enriched by those years I was off doing other things. I’m reminded of that every time I hit writer’s block.

I’ve got lots of stories to tell.

And publicize.


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