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By the time you get up and read this I will be on my way to Atlanta to move our older son back home. As I mentioned last week this is a temporary move. It’s not uncommon for young adults to move back home for a time to regroup.

I myself did it, at least twice.

We’ll be bringing his stuff back tomorrow and fitting it in our house somewhere.

We’ll also be bringing back his dog. Our animals don’t quite get that concept yet. It could be a rude awakening.

But she’s coming. It remains to be seen whether Nola will get her own post.

Of course we’re doing this three days before Christmas. It’s how we roll.

I’ve already told you that the dream is to be sitting by the tree, sipping eggnog, with extra nog,

But sometimes things happen that change our plans.

Timehop reminded me over the weekend that 25 years ago I was recovering from cancer surgery. Our plans were certainly changed. I was lucky. I was blessed.

Centuries ago a young girl named Mary had her life changed forever when an angel arrived and told her she was going to become a mother. She too took an unexpected journey to Bethlehem.

That changed the course of history.

We celebrate the birth of that child this week. The date of December 25 isn’t accurate and is based more on tradition than any evidence pointing to the actual birth date.

That’s not what matters.

What matters is that he came to a world that needed him, and he gave his life for us.

I hope I’ll get that time to sit by the tree this year, with or without the nog, and just have a chance to reflect on why we celebrate this season.

But maybe I’ll have to do some of that reflecting whilst driving up and down Interstate 85.

Mary had a lot to think about. Scripture says she pondered them in her heart.  Listen as Jordan Smith, winner of  The Voice sings Mark Lowry’s “Mary Did You Know.”

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    Safe travels.

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