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The Nieces of Lady Bumbleton both opened closed this past weekend after some six months of planning and rehearsals.  Both evenings were delightful and guests seemed to truly be enjoying the evening.

I am, as usual, both relieved that it’s over, and sad that it’s gone.  That caught me a bit off guard.  Not entirely in the same manner as did the end of Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure.  But some of the emotions and feelings are the same.

Part of that is because I have shared this production with my good friend, Jeremy, with whom I worked in Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure. The Nieces of Lady Bumbleton was his creation and vision.  I was just fortunate enough to be along for the ride.

That’s funny because I don’t do roller coasters.  We had lots of ups and downs putting this show together.  I won’t recount them here.  Suffice it to say that we learned a lot.

For me, I now turn my attention to the yard and the garage.  After the next two weekend trips.  Both the yard and garage desperately need my attention.  They likely miss me more than I miss them.

But I have until rehearsals for Sweeney Todd start in July to get caught up.  Fortunately, the initial rehearsal schedule isn’t overpowering so I should have a bit more time.

Time to do things like reading, writing, painting…and, oh yes, sleeping.



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