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There’s no mystery to it. Nothing more complicated than learning lines and putting on a costume.

American actor, film director, and narrator, Morgan Freeman was born on this day in 1937

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I said, I had no fall projects and:

“I’m 0-3 for my last round of auditions.”

Oh. Ye. Of. Little. Faith.

(self included)

I am pleased to announce that, this October, I will be playing the role of Judge Turpin in Sweeney Todd with Panglosssian Productions in Williamsburg.

On a side note, I did learn this week that it’s probably a good idea to keep an emergency audition kit in my vehicle. I was on my way to far northwest Virginia for a meeting when I saw the post about auditions. My friend encouraged me to audition, but I saw no way to get to Williamsburg in time.

It all worked out, including borrowing music from the music director instead of bringing my own. And, including not having my headshot or resume with me. Fortunately, they understood the circumstances.

It’s a dream show. I wrote in January that while I’d always wanted to play the title role I’d probably aged out of that. But the role of the judge is somewhat perfect.

If incredibly vocally challenging.

It’s also bit of a creepy role. One of my friends on Facebook said that the judge has one of the creepiest lines in all of musical theatre.

“How sweet you look in that light muslin gown.”

But, not to worry, I do get a shave from Mr. Todd.

I’ve never died on stage before. Well, not as a part of the script. My performances may have been a different story.

I am a little concerned that this will be the third time in less than two years that I’ve been cast as an “older” (if you will) judge.

First it was The Chalk Garden at Ft. Lee, then Parade with Jewish Family Theatre.

This is an awesome role. I am equal parts flattered and terrified.

October seems like a long time away, but I’m looking forward to getting the music soon. It’s a challenge.

But, I’ll take it.


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