Well, that didn’t work out so well

fallofrichmond On this day in 1861, Richmond, Virginia was declared the new capital city of the Confederate States of America.

I saw the movie, and stayed through the credits. It didn’t end well.

I love Richmond. I love being on the James and having an office view that overlooks the river. Have I mentioned I have the best view in the city? I may have.

I love our history. It’s not all pretty. In fact, much of it is pretty ugly. But it tells of the human condition. It tells how we got where we are, and how far we still have to go.

I love our museums. Our culture. Our festivals. Our micro-breweries.

I love Maymont. I love Monument Avenue. I love the Canal Walk.

I love our proximity to the mountains and the beach. Mostly the beach.

Richmond is a great place to live. A great place to be from.

I don’t really love our city slogan that Richmond is “Easy to Love.”

It’s just not my style.

Speaking of style, Orson Wells said:


Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn. – American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter Orson Welles was born on this day in 1915. (died 1985)

I’ve reached that old(er) man status where I’ve developed my own style, and I like it.

I’m growing my hair out for a part…no not to part the hair…for a role. If you read yesterday, you know the role. (Tickets yet?).

If I’m wearing a tie these days, it’s a bow tie. Yes, I tie them myself.

I have a drawer full of snazzy sox.

And, I have an earring.


Yes, I do.

There’s a story behind that, but I’ll not tell it here. You can buy the book.

Of course I’ll let you know when it’s published.

Truth is, I’m vain enough to care about what people think about my style. But I’m enough of a artist to not want that style to fit a particular mold.

I did the gray suit, red tie, white shirt political route.

True story, in 1985 I was working on a state-wide campaign. I showed up with my candidate at an event. The three candidates there and the more than half a dozen campaign staffers (all male) were ALL wearing a gray pinstripe suit, a red tie, and a white shirt.

We could have gone on tour. We should have.

Because our campaign worked out just about as well as naming Richmond the capital of the Confederacy.


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