We have lost our minds: Washington Redskins edition

Well Hail, now what?

A friend tells me it’s the Mercury Retrograde. There’s a lot of stupid out there right now.

So much so that I actually almost said to a supervisor “You have got to be *****in’ kidding me!” I didn’t say it. I thought it. The request (command actually) was absurd. But that’s another story.

The latest news is that the U.S. Patent Office has cancelled the Washington Redskins trademark. This has happened before and been successfully challenged in court.

To the U.S. Patent office and to everyone else leading the crusade to change the name of the Washington Redskins, I have one thing to say:


Seriously, don’t we have real problems to deal with? And don’t argue with me, Native Americans do not agree on the offensiveness or non-offensiveness.

G. Anne Richardson, chief of Virginia’s Rappahannock Tribe was quoted in The Washington Post last year saying,

There are so many more issues that are important for the tribe than to waste time on what a team is called. We’re worried about real things, and I don’t consider that a real thing.

We’re more worried about our kids being educated, our people housed, elder care and the survival of our culture. We’ve been in that survival mode for 400 years. We’re not worried about how some ball team is named.

The article was about how most Virginia tribes are not offended by the name.

That’s a fact.

It was bad enough when 50 Senators sent a letter demanding the change. Now Harry Reid says he won’t go to a game until the name is changed.

More seats for me.

In a statement, Bob Raskopf, the trademark attorney for the Washington Redskins said,

We’ve seen this story before. And just like last time, today’s ruling will have no effect at all on the team’s ownership of and right to use the Redskins name and logo.

Read the full statement.

Enough of this insanity of political correctness. You have no right to not be offended.

In fact, I’m offended by your offendedness.

Maybe you should go ban yourself.

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