Brushing up my Sherlock (Book Review)

sherlockreviewThe Sherlock Holmes stories have been loved since they were first written. In the movies, more than 75 characters have played the title character, most recently Benedict Cumberbatch in the BBC series “Sherlock.”

So, when Story Cartel offered the opportunity to review The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: With a New Discussion Guide on Kindle, I jumped at the chance.

This Book Club Version presents the first twelve Sherlock stories, but adds a unique opportunity for discussion and interaction at the end of each story. How do the lessons of Sherlock apply to life today? Or do they?

With practical questions and the chance to engage in discussion on the Story Cartel blog, this version of Sherlock provides a great platform for discussion. If you’ve read the Sherlock stories before, this brings them alive in a fresh new way.

Through the discussion the reader gets to ponder why Sherlock is the way he is and how he makes his deductions. It also helps the reader to understand that Watson is not just a necessary sidekick, but a friend who helps Holmes reach his conclusions.

Disclaimer. I receved the Kindle version of this book from in exchange for an honest review. I received no otheSherlockFINALsmall040514r compensation.

I’ll admit to having additional interest in Sherlock Holmes. I mentioned last week that this fall, CAT Theatre is producing Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure. I’ll be there at auditions.

This review is also posted on Amazon and Goodreads. (Well, without the audition part.)

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