My year of yarding dangerously

How could I let this happen?

How could I let this…

Circa 2004

Turn into this?

Worse than that, I already wrote this post last year.

A few weeks ago I wrote about reclaiming the yard. It’s a goal I’ve have for, well at least over a year.

Truth is, I know how it got this way. Too much neglect. Well, that and not putting down landscaping fabric under all those rocks. What? You don’t see the rocks? Trust me, they’re there.

So, I’m a couple of weeks into reclaiming, and it’s going pretty well.

Except for the fact that I killed the weedeater last weekend. But Father’s Day is coming. And please, if the family is reading this, let me pick it out.

The yard is recovering and by fall will look much better. Just in time for leaves. For now I need to watch out for ticks and copperheads. Yeah, they’re out there.

In the mean time, I also need to do a better job of coming up with stories to write about the yard.

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