The Old Gray Man, He Ain’t What He Used to Be

Circa 2004

I spent about two hours in the yard this morning. I actually probably worked about an hour and fifteen minutes. My project was cleaning out the dry stream bed. The picture is the beginnings, before the ditch was dug and the rocks placed. Somewhere around 2004.

Imagine a picturesque view of a bed of river rock bordered by ornamental grasses and daylilies. I promise you it has looked like that in the past. Today, however it looks more like the next picture.

Back in April, I wrote about the need for grace when it comes to my yard. After all, the past two summers I’ve worked most weekends at Kings Dominion. I’m not doing that this year, and my goal is to reclaim the yard.

Fast forward to today. No real events on the agenda. Maybe the pool later today. Most likely Kings Dominion tomorrow for Father’s Day. Yes, it actually is my choice.

So today I was going to spend the entire day clearing out the dry stream bed. I got a good start. But after the first wheelbarrow full of debris was carted away, I found myself needing a break. After the second I got myself some water and realized that yes, that really was a headache and nausea I was feeling.

I sat for a while. I did a little more work. Then I realized I was done for the day.

What? I used to be able to spend 8-10 hours, virtually non-stop doing this?

June 18, 2011

What’s up with that?

Even though this is My Summer of Fitness and I’m doing my best to lose weight and get in better shape, this was too much for me.

Part of it I realize is the flare-up of arthritis. I usually manage that with Aleve and walking or swimming laps in the pool. But the pool at our soon-to-be-former gym has been closed since April. It may be open now. But since our neighborhood pool is open I’ve given up on the gym.

I realize also that this is more than a one day project. I can’t reclaim two years of overgrowth in a single morning.

Still, it disturbs me that I’m limited in what I really can do.

Maybe it’s the heat. And maybe that heat was compounded by the fact that I chose to wear long pants and sleeves, not knowing what kind of critters or plants I might encounter in our mini jungle.

But even as I’m sitting here typing this, I’m realizing it’s not just the heat.

I’ll keep at it. I refuse to give up.

It’s just going to take longer than it used to.

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