Weekend Wrap Up

Read this, then get outside.

The Great Palin E-mail Hunt
Bill O’Reilly, TownHall.com
In the end, the media’s obsession with Palin actually helps her. Americans know when a person is being persecuted. Like her or not, Palin does not deserve the level of scrutiny being foisted upon her and her family. She’s just a politician, people, not Kim Kardashian.
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Bearing Drift: Justice Department approves State House and Senate Districts

A Shovel-Unready President
Jonah Goldberg, Real Clear Politics
Obama’s real economic agenda never changed to fit the economic crisis.
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Don’t Know Much About History
Wall Street Journal
The popular historian David McCullough says textbooks have become ‘so politically correct as to be comic.’ Meanwhile, the likes of Thomas Edison get little attention.
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NY Times Arts Beat – Best ATM Ever: Venice Biennale: Money Talks, Make That Sings

Mashable: 10 Ways Angry Birds Is Taking Over the World


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