Fitness Day 18: The Weekend

I’ve realized that my daily posts about fitness are about as exciting as watching paint dry.

That being said, last week was an okay week. Most days I managed to work out both on the Wii Fit as well as take a walk at lunch. I don’t trust the Wii Fit in terms of how many calories I’m actually burning, but the exercise and movement is good.

I did better on the water intake as well. Although coordinating drinking half my weight in ounces of water with a three mile walk at lunch has it’s challenges.

This coming week, I take a better look at calorie intake. That remains my biggest challenge and the biggest obstacle to my goal.

So, what I know so far:

– no magic pills

– drink more water

– eat less

– exercise more

It’s not rocket science. It’s also not easy.

What’s working for you?

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