Friday Morning Roundup

On this Date in 1885, The Statue of Liberty arrives in New York Harbor.

Read this, then get on with your weekend.

Saving Medicare
Congressman Scott Rigell, The Virginan-Pilot
We have a deep moral obligation to our seniors to ensure they receive quality, affordable health care. We have an equal obligation to our children to pass on an America rich in opportunity and free from the bonds of debt. I am committed to meeting both obligations, and I am mindful of the catastrophic consequences that will befall us if the trajectory of our nation’s finances is not altered dramatically.
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Lawmakers mock Obama claim on Libya hostilities
Associated Press
WASHINGTON (AP) — Republicans and Democrats on Thursday derided President Barack Obama’s claim that U.S. air attacks against Libya do not constitute hostilities and demanded that the commander in chief seek congressional approval for the 3-month-old military operation.
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AARP Pivots on Social Security Benefit Cuts
The decision, which AARP has not discussed publicly, came after a wrenching debate inside the organization. In 2005, the last time Social Security was debated, AARP led the effort to kill President George W. Bush’s plan for partial privatization. AARP now concludes that change is inevitable, and it wants to be at the table to try to minimize the pain.
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Jamie Radtke “wins” the Bearing Drift poll. Does it mean anything?

Born on this Day

1882 – Igor Stravinsky, Russian composer (d. 1971)
1904 – Ralph Bellamy, American actor (d. 1991)
1932 – John Murtha, American politician (d. 2010)
1943 – Newt Gingrich, American politician
1943 – Barry Manilow, American musician
1945 – Tommy Franks, American General
1963 – Greg Kinnear, American actor
1980 – Venus Williams, American tennis player

“Work and play are words used to describe the same thing under differing condition.”
~ Mark Twain

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