An ugly yard and the need for grace.

My yard is not a candidate for an extreme makeover.  At least not yet.

Still, if Curb Appeal or Backyard Makeover decided to show up and say “let us help you” I wouldn’t turn them down.

Let me give you some back story.

For the past two summer seasons I’ve worked weekends at Kings Dominion. Granted, two years ago, I only worked in the spring and the fall, I took the summer off because my back went out.  Last year I worked all season.   So, that meant that from April through October, with only a few weekend exceptions, I was working seven days a week. 

And, as soon as the park season was over we were in full rehearsal mode for Glorious Christmas Nights.

Why is it important that you know that?

Because my yard looks terrible.  Basically, I’ve had no time to deal with it.  The days I’ve had “free” have somehow turned out to be wet.  Or cold.  Or both.

I think, in part, that was God’s way of telling my neighbors to give me some slack.

Exodus 20:17 says you’re not supposed to covet your neighbor’s ass.  I don’t think you’re supposed to ride it either.

So, what now?

This year, no weekend work.  And come Sunday we’ll be done with The Master’s Plan, our Easter production.  Weekends will be basically free.

Of course they’ll fill up with various events.  We’ve already got weddings and reunions lined up for several of them.

But I’ll have more time to work in the yard and to reclaim it.

I’ve got flower beds that are overgrow.  Bushes to trim.  And about 8 oak trees that need to come down. Unfortunately because there’s no clear place for them to fall, they’ll have to come down in sections.  Last time I had an estimate it was about $2,000 per tree.  Do the math.

Unlike the President, I cannot just add zeros to the end of my checkbook balance and expect you to pay for it.  So the trees will have to wait.

If, however, you would like to be a blessing in that regard, I do take PayPal.

What am I getting at with all of this?

This morning, I did manage to do some raking and get the yard mowed.  So, for Easter, it doesn’t look too awfully bad.  But every time I’m out there I see something else that needs to be done.

The simple truth is that I can’t get it all done.  Not at once anyway.

That’s why I’ve given myself this year to be a year of reclamation.  I’ll clean out the flower beds, trim the shrubs, take care of trees as I can.  Hopefully, I’ll at least get the rest of my square foot garden planted.

Next year can be about gardening and beauty.

But I also have to pace myself.  I push the mower across the yard and get frustrated at what has to be done.  I’ve decided to give myself some grace with that as well.

Each day of yard work, other than the routine mowing of summer, will focus on one flower bed, one section of yard. 

Don’t try to get it all done at once.  One section at a time.

And, if I’m brave enough, I’ll post pictures.

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