My garden store shopping list

This is not my yard.

I need to go to the garden supply store. I do not need to stop and look at the plants. I need gloves, Roundup (or similar) and maybe mulch and gravel. That’s it.

I don’t need anything to plant. Not yet.

See, my yard is in recovery. And the prognosis is not good.

I let things get out of control a good while back. In reality it goes back about three years when I worked my first season at Kings Dominion. Work five days a week in the “real” job. Then work Saturdays and Sundays at the Park.

The yard got mowed. And I felt pretty darn good about that.

I didn’t work at the park last year, and I had every intention of getting the yard back in shape. But unfortunately, I’m not in shape and between arthritis flare ups and weather, I just didn’t get it done. But that sounds whiney and I don’t mean it to.

Fast forward to this spring which came sometime just after Thanksgiving and things have grown like crazy. I’m still getting leaves up from the fall for cryin’ out loud. But now the dry stream bed and in fact, all of the flower beds are overgrown and crying out for attention.

I do have some pretty good grass growing…in the driveway. Seems the old dog no longer does his business in the yard (I don’t know why). But between that and the birds dropping seeds it’s pretty green.

But now, warm weather is here (except for last weekend). And I have more daylight hours after work. So, here goes.

I am taking back the yard.

It’s a bit overwhelming. But I’ve decided to allow myself the whole summer to do it, and to do one area at a time.

That means no new planting. Well, except for the willows we bought at the Home Show, and maybe some container plants for the front porch. And a couple of hanging ferns.

And this ash tray…and that’s all I need…no wait…I need this…

(bonus points if you get the reference).

Anyway, that’s the plan. A little at a time. And come this fall I hope to see some of the dead or dying oak trees coming down. (need some firewood?)

While I was mowing just a little while ago, I was thinking about this post and what I’d write.

But isn’t neglecting the yard work a little like neglecting our spiritual life? I mean, it takes some attention every day, or things just get out of hand.

There’s a sermon there. Or at least a blog post.

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