George Allen Outlines Choice Facing Virginians in November

Following today’s GOP Senate Debate in Roanoke, George Allen issued the following statement:

George Allen Outlines Choice Facing Virginians in November

Roanoke, VA – Today, George Allen participated in a Republican primary debate in Roanoke, Virginia, organized by the Republican Party of Virginia. Allen utilized the opportunity to talk about his optimism and positive solutions for a better future in America – one where every American has the freedom to learn, work, start a business and raise a family unhindered by an overreaching federal government. Following the debate, Delegate Greg Habeeb (R-Salem) and State Senator Ralph Smith (R-Roanoke) issued the following statements:

“This debate reminds all Virginians that the November election is a choice between two futures,” said Delegate Greg Habeeb. “We have a choice between more government, higher taxes and fewer jobs under Tim Kaine or George Allen’s proven record of reducing tax burdens, cutting regulations and creating jobs in Virginia. Virginians have already endured Tim Kaine’s failed economic policies, and we need George Allen in the U.S. Senate with his positive solutions to get America back on track.”

“I’m glad that this debate helped more Virginians hear about George Allen’s vision, ideas and solutions for reining in the government and empowering small businesses and families throughout Virginia,” said Senator Ralph Smith. “George Allen is the only candidate in this race with an economic record that created 300,000 net new jobs and cut taxes over $600 million for Virginians. While some people say that Washington is too polarized to get anything constructive done, George Allen has a proven record of working with people of both parties to bring positive solutions to Virginia. Now we need his leadership in the U.S. Senate.”

Bearing Drift live blogged the debate.

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