More or Less 2012

Well, it’s time. I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions because they’re too easily broken. But I do stop at the first of every year and think about the things I want to do better, or more of or less of in the new year. Last year’s list of More or Less is here. How I did with that list is here.

And here is the modified list for 2012. In 2012 I will more or less…

Worship more: I will seek times to worship God beyond the corporate Sunday morning worship. That is important, no it’s essential. But I will also find times to be quiet with God through music, through reading and through times just spent alone in His creation.

Pray more: I need work here. I don’t want to just pray when I need stuff or want stuff or want things to happen. I want to be deliberate about prayer, about having deep, lasting conversations with God. Sometimes that means words. Sometimes not.

Read more: I’ve made my beginning list of what I want to read in 2012, and I’m already adding to it. Through either the Kindle on my phone or through carrying a book at all times, I want to make use of any “down” time I have to read (or, as above, to pray).

Celebrate more: I love holidays, and I love celebrations. I want to be more deliberate this year in making those times special, whether it’s Christmas (and I’ve already got a “let’s do this next Christmas” list going on Evernote), or whether it’s birthday’s or Mardi Gras or Flag Day. I want to take time to celebrate that life is good and that God is good.

Work less: This will be hard. I have the day job, and I’m building the writing/retirement career. Maybe it’s not so much work less as it is work smarter and be more efficient. And by doing that I’ll spend less time working.

Play more: I want to do fun things like the pool and amusement parks and museums. And the beach. Definitely the beach.

Eat less: Always a goal. But my focus will not be so much on eating less as it will be on eating smarter. Making the better choices of things that are good for me. I’d like to set a goal of not eating fast food at all in 2012, but I doubt that’s practical. Still less fast food, more healthy choices.

Drink more: Don’t get excited. I mean more water. And more green tea. And, okay, more red wine. I’m not a heavy alcohol drinker. I rarely drink spirits and just as rarely drink beer. Not because I think there’s anything wrong with them. They’re fine in moderation, but just not my preference. when I’d be just as happy with iced tea or water, I will be.

Exercise more: Back to the gym, back to the pool. Back to walking at lunchtime.

Write more: Paid assignments will help with this. But I also want to continue creative writing and get some work done on that novel I didn’t finish for Nanowrimo.

Blog more: I want to post here every day. That’s not always easy when keeping up with other writing assignments. But I’ll try.

Create more: I want to paint. On canvas. And this year, I will.

Spend less: Some of this happens out of necessity. But I don’t want to waste money. When I need something, I want to make the wise choices. And pay cash. If I don’t have the cash, then I either don’t need the item, or it can wait.

Give more: Financially, spiritually, physically, emotionally. Give more of my resources, more of my time, more or myself.

Happy New Year!

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