More or Less

In 2011, I will more or less…

Worship more

Pray more

Read more

Celebrate more

Work less

Play more

Eat less

Exercise more

Write more

Create more

Spend less

Give more

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  1. […] I’m amending my More or Less post of the other […]

  2. […] New Years Day I posted my list of more or less.  How am I doing so […]

  3. […] I stated back at the first of the year, one of my goals is to read more in 2011. To that end I made an early trip to the library a couple […]

  4. […] in my quest to read more in 2011, I finished another book tonight, partially due to the inclement weather about which I said […]

  5. […] keeping with my goals, More or Less, I finished another book this […]

  6. […] Both of those things are significant, but not a real cause of sadness to me.  They’re more in the category of “aw, shucks.”  But they do represent a change or a shift from where my priorities were at the first of the year, More or Less. […]

  7. […] back on January 1, I said that this year I want to create more. And I have. I created the project, I’ve done […]

  8. […] 2011 I made reading more one of my “More or Less” goals. So, I took the Goodreads reading challenge to set a goal to read a certain amount of […]

  9. […] 2011, I said that I would more or less… Worship more. Pray more. Read more. Celebrate more. Work less. Play more. Eat less. Exercise more. […]

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