Do I Need a Niche Blog?

A few weeks ago, I pondered over why I was blogging anyway. As a writer to aspires to publish that great American novel, I concluded that I need a place on the web that I can call my own. But I keep having to ask myself if I should be putting so much effort into The Write Side of My Brain when my readership is small.

So, I wonder if I need a niche blog where I can focus on one particular topic or subject area and play to a targeted market. I’m getting my work out there. I just submitted my first article for review at Suite101. I’m building a portfolio as the Richmond Bible Examiner. While I’m no longer an active editor, I’ve still got an open door to snark about politics over at Bearing Drift. And I’m a regular contributor at Richmond Virginia Business, Eating in Richmond, and Very Best Sites. So, I certainly have enough to do.

But, do I need a focused blog? A blog where I can drive up traffic and make money?

The jury is still out.

Frankly, I can’t believe I’m even thinking of a new project with Nanowrimo just around the corner. At least for that I’ve got a plot. Actually two.

So, I need to give this some thought. The Write Side of My Brain is not going away. It just may have company.

Then there’s this:

The Importance of Building an Author Platform
via Publish Your Own Ebooks

If you don’t have an author platform then there is nobody anticipating or ready to buy your book and you are unlikely to sell many copies when your book is released. On the other hand if you already have a good author platform then you have an audience who is enthusiastic for your upcoming book.

I just have to make sure there’s something to see once people get to the platform.


  1. Don’t stop writing for We need you and were lucky to find someone as talented as you. Thanks for helping us out!

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