I must be out of my mind

Like I needed something else to do, I’ve taken the challenge from 30 Days of Creativity.

“What challenge?” you ask. The challenge to create something, anything, every day in the month of June.

“Create what?” you ask. Well, there’s the challenge. It can be anything.

What. Am. I. Thinking?

I have exactly 10 days to finish up 365 Things I Believe, a project I started last year with great enthusiasm and quickly came to realize I don’t have 365 individual thoughts of conviction. Plus, tomorrow I’m also starting another series of personal blog posts.

Nevertheless, I accept this challenge.

Way back on January 1, I said that this year I want to create more. And I have. I created the project, I’ve done some painting of other objects, I’ve created mulitple products for my CafePress Store, I’ve created container gardens, I’ve done a fair share of writing and perhaps best of all, I’ve created a plan (still in development) for my path to retirement.

It may be a drawing, a painting, something crafty. Or a story, a poem or even a photoshop cartoon.

But, it will be every day.

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