The Project: Completion

I didn’t anticipate being able to finish work on my shadow box project tonight.  But with the help of a Star Trek marathon and a little bit of stubborn persistence, I got it done.

For me, it’s a great reminder of a great week and a great opportunity to do something bigger than myself, something greater, something for someone else. 

I’m not sure if or when I’ll get to go back to New Orleans.  Or, quite frankly, if or when I’ll get to go on another missions trip anywhere.  I want to, but with my oldest in college, funds may be directed elsewhere for a while.  But I firmly believe if it’s time and God wants me to go, he’ll make a way.

He made a way for us to finish our project in New Orleans.  We went to build the fence, and to do whatever else we could.  Two days of bad weather made that challenging.  But God’s timing is perfect and we finished the fence and more.

My little shadow box isn’t quite as impressive as a steel fence.

But, I like it.

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