Writing Wednesday: Why I Write Every Day

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We’re here at the mid-point in the week which is a good time to pause and gather our thoughts. I mean, sure I did a lot of that last week. But seven days at the beach will not cover a year’s worth of reflection and thought gathering. It needs to happen every day.

Just like writing.

With rare exceptions and a few short breaks, I have written a thousand words a day since August of 2015. Some of them good ones.

My daily writing tends to be a journaling of what’s happening, what’s bugging me, or what I want to fix.

It won’t be published.

Well, at least not by me and not on this side of the final resting place.

I need to make more time to write about the things that matter, the stories, the issues, the travel.

Still, the practice of writing daily is a good thing. Even if it’s as simple as a to do list.

Writing helps me to clear my mind in a way that I’m neither capable of nor comfortable with in actual conversation. I can use my writing to prepare myself for the day ahead or to make plans for tomorrow and beyond. Sometimes, that’s all I’m doing.

Other times I’m writing the stories that need to be told. I’m also telling myself that I need to do more of that.

Writing daily also helps my creativity. After all, that is one of My Words for 2024.

Maya Angelou said:

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

It’s true. The more I create, the more I want to create.

Writing daily helps me figure out who I am. You’d think that after all of these decades I’d have a handle on that. I do. Sort of. But writing is a way to find new areas of needed change or improvement.

I know that I need to be writing more than just my thousand daily words.

There are blogs and short stories and novels and children’s books…and so much more.

I’m using Wednesday as a reminder to keep on writing.

How about you?

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