Life is a Coffee Shop, Old Chum?

It can take me forever to choose the right coffee cup in the morning. And it does make a difference!

American Actor and singer Joel Grey was born on this day in 1932

I saw Joel Grey in 1987 in the Broadway-bound version of Cabaret that premiered at The Kennedy Center.

At least I think it was Grey. The friends we were with bought us tickets in the nosebleed section. I knew Werner Klemperer by his voice, not by sight. We were that far away.

We bought the tickets for the next show which happened to be Les Miserables. And, because of our friends’ choice of restaurants, we were late and seated after the curtain.  I think that’s the last time we went to the theater with them.

We were supposed to see Alyson Reed in the role of Sally Bowles, but she was out and her understudy Mary Munger went on for her instead…and did a fine job.

I have loved Cabaret since I first saw it in a very tamed down version at our local community theater when I was in ninth grade. I had a crush on the actress who played Sally in that production, a junior in our high school at the time. I’ve been a theater geek ever since.

I didn’t get to choose my coffee cup this morning.

While you’re reading this, I’m writing (other things) in a local coffee shop. Truth is, today it’s probably Panera because it’s familiar.

I want to find a local coffee shop. You know, where everybody knows your name.

Well, maybe not everybody.

I’ve been writing about change. This is one change I’m making.

On a side note, I quickly learned that I can’t make multiple changes at the same time and expect to sustain them. Sure, I already knew that, but sometimes we forget.

As a writer, there’s a part of me that thinks there’s something magical about sitting in a coffee shop and cranking out the next great American novel.

Still, for some time, I’ve had this idea that I need to get out there on my own “Coffee and Beer” circuit.

Then again, another one of the current changes is abstaining from beer. Not for any moral or social reasons…it’s the carbs and the calories…darn it.

What I mean by the circuit is that I want to get out there and meet with people, to hang out with people. I’ve missed that.

I did a lot more of that when I lived in the Metro DC area.  Not to mention pre-COVID.

I do have a good friend that I have dinner with on occasion. We used to spend a lot more time together after our first theater production and subsequent independent events that we produced. Not so much anymore, but we still hang out every other month or so.

Another friend moved across the country. He’s threatened to move back. We’ll do an occasional facetime call. It’s not the same.

Before I start sounding pathetic (or more pathetic), all I’m saying is that I want to purposely schedule times to both write and hang out with friends in a coffee shop.

I’m starting that today. If you see me, at least say hi.

Or buy me a danish.




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