These Words They Are A Changin’

Photo by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash (Kentucky, 2017)

I will admit that I am not always a good human. While the dog spent the week at his vacation spa, the cat stayed home with the neighbor coming by to feed and check on him.

So, it was a little unkind of us last night when we had a chuckle over the fact that he was hoarse.

Not to worry, he was back in full voice by yesterday.

I mentioned yesterday that I spent some time at the beach making a list of things that I need/want to change. One happens to be one of my three words for 2024.

Annually I pick three words that I chose to focus on in the coming year. Some years more than others, they serve as a guide.

My Three Words for 2024 were(are): Flexible, Creative Concerned.

Flexible because I know that plans are always in flux, and I need to be able to run with that.

You will note that I did not say I need to run.

Creative because, even at this age, I’m finding my way as a writer, an artist, and actor.

I had the most difficulty choosing the word Concerned. I actually spent several days before I settled on that word.

It’s not that I’m not concerned. I do want to be more involved, more aware of what is going on around me and in the world, more compassionate for those who struggle.

But it wasn’t the right word.

So, last week I changed it to…wait for it…


In the time I spent reviewing, which I continue to do, the word that kept cropping up was change.

Again, it’s not that I’m lacking concern.  Maybe I should just say I have four words for the year.

I have a list of things to change, for many reasons.

No, I’m not publishing the list. Keep reading as we move forward, and you’ll learn what some of those things are.


I didn’t set out to choose another word. But I guess it’s all part of being flexible.

See what I did there?

Yesterday, along with millions of others, the wife and I sat out in our front yard (no, there were not millions of others in our front yard) and watched the eclipse with our special glasses.

Actually, our second set of special glasses. Last week I got a notice from Amazon that the first set I ordered and received were not safe. Kudos to them for acknowledging that and issuing a refund.

It was a nice afternoon watching the moon travel across the face of the sun and having some much-needed conversation.

Anybody know when the next end of the world event is scheduled?


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