ABCs of Thanksgiving – H is for Health

I’m thankful for health.

Does that one surprise you?

I mean, after the Summer’s Unpleasantness, it’s kind of hard to be thankful for.

Except that I’ve put that behind me, so to speak.

With last week’s visit when the doctor said “no detectable PSA” I’m just going on faith to say that I am now a two-time cancer survivor.

Kick off your Sunday shoes, Louise. I’m Footloose and cancer free.

True story: I once played Uncle Wes in a stage production of Footloose.

It’s also true that, while I’m claiming to be cancer free, I’m not in perfect health.

No need to give you a laundry list of maladies. Much of it is a matter of taking better care of myself.

And almost as much is a result of continuing to recover from the treatments.

But it’s also true that I need to take better care of myself.

And I’m working on it.

Better food choices.

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More exercise.

More water.

Not the easiest thing to do with the holidays coming. But we’ll work on it.

Speaking of holidays, I began rehearsals for Winterfest over the weekend. We open on the 20th.

Do come see us at the park.

You can even get in a health walk.

Have a good week.

Photo by Davies Designs Studio on Unsplash


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