Thursday Throwback to the Bucket List

If you’ve been following the blog this week you know that I’ve been somewhat contemplative, as opposed to contemptable which is also within my skill set.

Monday I wrote about the things I’m not getting done and whether they’re really important. Tuesday I wrote about the people I’d like to spend time with because that’s what’s really important.

Yesterday, Sean Dietrich’s post made me think back to my bucket list. I wrote it and posted it here some years ago. I’ve also posted a couple of updates here, here, and here.

Sean shared a conversation with a friend who was terminally ill with cancer. The friend has since passed. But the friend said:

“Bucket lists are stupid.”


The friend went on to talk about how no one facing a terminal illness thinks about their bucket list or about how they wished they’d worked more or harder. Instead you think about the people you love, and the people you’ve lost touch with.

My cancer prognosis isn’t terminal. But I have to admit that being hit with this during the pandemic was well…let’s just say it sucks.

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It made me think about the things on the bucket list. As I read them, sure I’d still like to do them all.

Okay, well perhaps rather than hike the Grand Canyon, I’ll drive my motorized scooter up and peer over the edge. But not too closely because I don’t do heights. Don’t even think about trying to get me on that fiberglass overlook.

Over the last year we’ve all had time to think about what really is, or isn’t, important.

It’s not the gathering of stuff, toilet paper and hand sanitizer aside.

It’s not all the things that kept us so busy.

And, it’s really not about the places we can’t go.

It’s about the people we miss. The people who are gone because of the virus, either because the passed from COVID or other complications.

It’s about not being able to meet for coffee or a beer.

It’s about not gathering to worship.

It’s about not just hanging out with friends.

Okay, let’s not get into the whole mask and social distancing debate. Some have been doing some of those things to varying degrees.

But whatever it is, it ain’t normal.

I miss normal.

I think most of all we miss people.

That’s a pretty bold statement for an introvert.

Maybe it’s perspective, but I don’t necessarily think my bucket list is stupid. Those are still things I want to do.

I’m just not on some impossible quest to do them before the above mentioned bucked is kicked.

So, I’ll continue to dream about my list and you can continue to dream about yours.

And maybe one day I’ll buy you a beer on the rim of the Grand Canyon.

Photo by Omer Nezih Gerek on Unsplash


American country singer, Charley Pride, was born on this day in Sledge, Mississippi (died 2020).



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Hebrews 13:20-21

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