Random Friday

It’s becoming a bit of a challenge to write here every day.

I’m weary of talking about the virus. I’m weary of talking about the protests.

Being tired doesn’t mean that I’m dismissing the importance of either issue.

But it does make me think about where I’m having an impact.

I’m not going to change anyone’s opinion here. Or on Social Media.

Although, to be honest, I could start a brush fire on Twitter if I wanted to.

I do not want to.

So, here are some random Friday thoughts.

We’ve been locked down too long. Yes, I hear the stories about numbers rising when states open up. We always knew that would happen.

Most of the new cases, particularly here in Virginia, are in adult homes. Read into that what you will.

It’s time to open up. We can do that and still protect the vulnerable.

I heard a government official on the radio say that the protests have calmed down. Seriously?

Three statues in Richmond have been toppled in the last week.

A monument in Portsmouth had four statues beheaded and toppled. And one man in the crowd has life threatening injuries.

I wouldn’t call that calm.

HBO is doing a reboot of Looney Tunes, but Elmer Fudd won’t be carrying a gun. Instead he’ll be carrying a knife because that’s so much less slashy.

I’ve never watched Paw Patrol, but apparently there’s a problem with the Police Dog.

Makes you think that The Babylon Bee isn’t always satire.

McGruff The Crime Dog Put Down

We have lost our minds.

Maybe the problem isn’t that these are strange times, but that we’re just strange people.

Finally, Sunday, June 14 is Flag Day.

For the record, The First Amendment allows you to respond as you wish.

I will always stand.


Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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