Maybe this time

On this day in 1894, soda fountain operator, Joseph A. Biedenharn, first bottles and sells Coca-Cola in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

Dream on it. Let your mind take you to places you would like to go, and then think about it and plan it and celebrate the possibilities. And don’t listen to anyone who doesn’t know how to dream.

American actress, singer, and dancer, Liza Minnelli, was born on this day in 1946.

I’ve never seen Liza perform in person. I did see her sister Lorna Luft in Guys and Dolls at the Kennedy Center in DC back in…1993ish.

I had several possibilities arise last week. One of them didn’t pan out, as of this writing, another may.

And, that’s pretty much okay.

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Well, except for the fact that the one up in the air has been a ride on the crazy train. I did not buy that ticket.

Without going into detail, and these will likely not be in the book.

Let’s just say that one was an opportunity that could have consumed most, if not all, of my time. Exciting yes, but with enough frustration and pain in the backside that I decided to pass.

The other was a thing at the day job.

Office. Politics.

I digress.

Neither of these things were my dreams. Neither were things that I sought.

The reality is that the only thing I dream about with the day job is when I can retire. At this point, the very earliest is August 2020, but it’s more likely to be a little longer than that so that I can reach the magical age of 65.

As for other opportunity, the best that I can say about it is that it would have taken me away from my writing, my acting, and my directing. The right choice was made.

So, I’m dreaming of places I want to go, things I want to do, and I’m working hard to not let anything get in my way.

It’s easy to get distracted with things that are cool, with things that seem exciting, and even with things that present a challenge.

I’ve spent a good amount of time over the last couple of weeks unfollowing people and groups on Facebook. Not because they’ve annoyed me, some surely have. But if I’m not reading their posts and their posts are what I see the most of…then somewhere in Facebook’s inexplicable algorithm, then I’m not seeing a lot of stuff that’s out there.

Either that or I have over a thousand really boring friends.

I’ve likewise been unsubscribing from email lists. If I’m not reading what you send me, then, sorry, I’m not needing to have you fill my inbox.

You, of course, no doubt feel differently about subscribing to notices about this blog. We all know that’s not what I’m talking about.

I’ve yet to get to my Twitter feed, because, honestly, I still don’t navigate Twitter very well, and I don’t spend a lot of time over there.

All of these extra things can be good, and interesting. But they can also get in the way of our dreams.

Your dreams are different than mine, as they should be. But we all face the same types of distractions and detours.

I will have plenty of opportunities beyond the one I just passed up.

And sometimes, they’ll work out for my good.

It’s Monday, and here’s a week to get on with. So, here’s Liza singing “Maybe This Time.”

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