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We are freshly back from Over the River and through the Woods. A family Thanksgiving trip that was everything you ever wanted, and a good deal you didn’t. But, it was good to be together because we’re all aging and facing those old people challenges.

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For the chance to be together and share our current ailments and discuss our prescriptions, we are grateful.


Not to say too much, but we’ve promised our boys something different for next year. And I’m just going to leave that right there.

I didn’t really write on the trip. For one thing, I managed to pack the charger for the iPad, but not the actual iPad. Still, I did manage to get my 1,000 words a day in by using the phone.

Feel free to be impressed.

At home the computer challenges continue as I’m still dealing with the fact that Windows 10 has goobered up my screen resolution.

So far, none of the recommended “fixes” have fixed anything. As of this writing I’m still trying.

If you’ve not yet purchased my Christmas gift, I really could use a Macbook.

After all, it is Cyber Monday.

Then again, I’m not shopping today. Online or otherwise.

I didn’t go shopping on Black Friday either. The closest I came to that was driving my brother to the grocery store so that he could get the things my Mother needed for dinner since she decided none of us wanted leftovers.

We brought the leftovers home.

I’m trying to pace myself here.

The next two weeks will be hectic at work.

I’m trying to sort out all of the performances I want to see, and events that I want to attend.

In the meantime, my neighbors are looking out their windows to see if I’ll ever get back to the leaves.

I, on the other hand, am looking out my home office window and thinking they ain’t all down yet, so why bother?

Here’s what I’m committed to though: I’m not stressing over it.

Not stressing over the leaves.

Not stressing over the Christmas decorating, which has begun but is not finished.

Not stressing over what I have to do at work before the end of the year. It will get done. Or not.

Not stressing over all the holiday bustle and rushing.

Not stressing over what I’m buying or not buying you.

Not stressing over money. Okay, maybe just a little bit.

But honestly, I’m going to work really hard on that whole Peace on Earth thing and letting that peace begin with me.

I’ll be writing some about that later this week. That post is still developing.

And, maybe I’ll be writing about that all through December.

Or maybe I’ll just share all of the recipes for the Christmas cookies you want to bake for me.

Just trying to give you the chance to be a blessing.

Needless to say, but I’m saying it anyway, I also didn’t get any editing done over the weekend.

I read neither my script, nor the script for the show I’m directing in the spring.

I’ll be fixing that this week.

Along with the tree, and the outdoor lights.

And, hopefully, this $@%@#%@#%ing screen resolution.

If Windows 10 isn’t the antichrist (I’ve always believed that to be Comcast) it’s certainly one of the four horsemen. Look up the reference, it will do you good, and then maybe you can explain all of that to me.

Most importantly, the journey to the manger has begun.

With all that I’ve got going on, I’m going to try to be all about getting my…um…donkey…in gear and heading to Bethlehem.

In other news, American singer-songwriter and guitarist, Eddie Rabbitt, was born on this day in 1941 (died 1998).


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    • Beth Dunnavant on November 27, 2017 at 7:41 pm

    Start a go fund me for your MacBook.

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