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American psychological theorist, Isabel Briggs Myers, co-creator of the Myers-Briggs assessment, was born on this day in 1897 (died 1980).

The first time I remember taking the Myers-Briggs assessment I found myself firmly planted in the upper left-hand corner with all of the other introverts.

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I know, you keep wondering how I refer to myself as an introvert.

You forget the talks about the security of my home office, my evening cups, and how I like my surroundings to be quiet.

Not to mention the fact that you’ve never heard or seen me say any of this. It’s all been from behind my computer screen.

But, I’m an actor. You wonder how I can be on stage and still claim to be an introvert?

Simple, I’m being someone else. And when the show is over I’d prefer an intimate gathering with my castmates (if I can’t be alone) to a noisy after party.

Or go home and write about it.

It’s not unusual for writers to be introverts. Again, we speak from our keyboard and often do so without that human interaction.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I can’t behave and act in a socially appropriate manner. In fact, particularly in those times when I have a responsibility to be “on” I do it quite well.

It just wears me out.

Wears. Me. Out.

Face it, some of you people are exhausting.

See? Did I type that out loud?

I am very blessed to have my own little corner in my own little chair (points for the reference) where I can do my writing, and surfing, and reading, and whatever else I become inspired to do. My family, okay my wife we didn’t ask the boys, very graciously let me assume the guest bedroom for my office.

However, I have, over the last few weeks of non-weekend employment, been seeking out that ideal coffee shop from which to write. It’s a dream. Perhaps it’s a bit romanticized.

Maybe I need a group like the Inklings to meet in a coffee shop or a bar.

But instead I’ve been striking out on my own when I’ve had a “free” morning.

No reviews, but let’s just say some places work better than others.

With a laptop (or in iPad) and earbuds, you can be alone in public.

In your own little corner.

With your own little idiosyncrasies.


American singer-songwriter and guitarist, Chuck Berry, was born on this day in 1926 (died 2017).


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    • Beth Dunnavant on October 18, 2017 at 7:22 am

    In my own introverted way, I’m with you. I have been able to change a bit over the years, by continually stretching myself and then giving myself the space alone to recharge, I now sometimes crave the company of others, crazy isn’t it? They still wear me out, but I seek them.

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