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If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.

American philosopher, politician, and 4th Governor of Massachusetts, Samuel Adams, was born on this day in 1722 (died 1803).

I’m just going to let that quote sit right there. I’ll just say that the terms “vain and aspiring” applies to more than just the occupant of the White House (current or former), and applies to more than “men.”

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You know it’s true. So, let’s move on.

What I’m thinking about is what I need as a writer.

I’ve said this before, I don’t need another self-proclaimed “expert” trying to get me to buy their best-selling success program. The reality is their “success” come from selling the program, not necessarily being an expert.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes they have good stuff to say. But there’s a network out there and any given day I’ll get another email that says “Let me tell you what my friend so-and-so is doing…”

I guess it’s a living. It’s just not a living that I want to make.

So, I sit here with limited readership wondering just now to get the message out there.

How do I expand the readership on the blog? How do I get people to go by the crap…I mean awesome designs I have in my CafePress and Zazzle shops? How do I get people to hire me to write for them? Or design for them? And, casting directors if you’re listening, act for them?

I think we know the answer.

These days it’s not always enough to be good at what you do. You have to market yourself to others.

I guess that’s what the gurus are doing and that’s why they call quit their day job.

I’m trying. I’ve got this blog, I’ve got the websites, and I’m on all of the social media outlets that I can understand.

Maybe if I could find the way to be the only blogger to stand for the national anthem I could get people to buy my stuff exclusively.

Too soon?

So, what I’m saying is that even after all of the brilliant writing, the creative designs, and the killer auditions, I still have to work to get my name and my product out there.

Even with the pounds I still have to lose, I’m too old to be a starving artist. I have too many debts, dependents, and duties.

Duties may be pushing it. I just went for the alliteration.

If you’re a regular reader (and if you’re not, you should be), you’re probably wondering what happened to that newsletter (free and optional) I promised to start in September.

It’s still September. Barely.

Indeed that’s one of my plans to increase my readership and following. I’ll get there. It will just take time.

Granted, at my age time is a precious commodity.

At the same time, at my age, you don’t do things as fast as you used to.

That’s another story. And another post.

What’s important, regardless of the speed, is that I keep moving forward.

Sure, I’ve been at this a long time, and I don’t have a bazillion followers. Maybe I never will.

But, I won’t stop trying.

I’ll keep writing, and creating, and performing.

Hmmm…maybe this is the point in the post where the duties are supposed to come in.

But, let’s not get carried away. It’s only Wednesday.

I’m working from home today to get caught up on some paperwork from the day job. The Movies will be playing in the background. If you need to ask what movies, then you really do need to become a regular reader.

I’m realizing I’ve been rather rambly this week. Maybe it’s the distraction with the above-mentioned alliteration.

Regardless, thanks stopping by and allowing me to do said rambling whilst I figure this all out.


On this day in 1964, The Beach Boys appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show for the first time.


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