Can’t Buy Me Love

Money can’t buy happiness, but it can make you awfully comfortable while you’re being miserable.

– Clare Boothe Luce

I’m just sayin’…

I mean, after all, wouldn’t I be much more comfortable facing my writing deadlines if I could write from an undisclosed beach location?

Heck, I’d probably be comfortable enough to disclose it. Or at least Instagram an #eveningcup or two.

Or, more than likely, I’d just have more stuff I have to pay for, right?

Like Bernadette Peters said as Marie in The Jerk, “I don’t care about losing all the money. It’s losing all the stuff.”

I wouldn’t mind losing some more stuff. I’m really digging the articles I see about minimalism.

I have a long, long, long way to go. And that’s not even counting the mileage to the landfill.

But to get started, as I’m writing this I have three animals who are stepping on my last nerve.

By the Seashore (click the pic)

Make me an offer. They’re used but in good condition.

If my children are reading this, of course I’m joking.

But, they still need to go out.

The reality is that I hate having to deal with money. I have the things I need and, as noted, a large amount of things I don’t need.

See? Then there’s this writing class, or that acting class, or that messenger bag because while you love the one you have it’s too small. Or that denim jacket because, while you love the one you have, you’ve lost enough weight that it’s too big.

The biggest challenges I face with money are deciding the right thing to do with what I have, and not thinking I have more than I really do. Well, that and the fact that it involves math.

I know I’m blessed and that’s why I want to make the right choices.

So telemarketers, if you’re reading this, don’t bother calling. You’re the reason we don’t answer the land line.

Well, you and politicians.

I digress.

Like I’ve said before, we all have problems, we all have struggles.

For some it may be not enough money and a struggle to just get by. For some it may be over-extended credit buying things we thought we had to have.

It’s not a simple equation for any of us.

Even bazillionaires have struggles.

I’ve you’re a bazillionaire reading this, I would consider it a blessing to take some of those $truggle$ off of your hands.

I’m just sayin’.

There’s a part of me that finds the cashless society of the Star Trek world to be appealing.

Unfortunately, I’ll be 105 when we make First Contact.

Brother, can you spare a dime?


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