What have they done with my Samoas?

I picked up the last of my Girl Scout cookie orders on Friday.

Do not judge. These are Girl Scout cookies. And there will be no discussion of health or diet in this context.

As I picked them up from my co-worker, she told me “The Samoas don’t taste the same.”

Indeed, I had noticed that the names of the cookies changed this year. Apparently there’s a new baker in town.

So, my co-worker shared one of the Caramel deLites, or my cookie formerly known as Samoas.

It wasn’t the same.

I’m confused because when I go to the Girl Scout website they list both Caramel deLites and Samoas.

Then they say that not all flavors are available in all areas. Does that mean that somewhere, some undeserving part of this country is enjoying my Samoas?

I am told that the Thin Mints have not changed. That’s a good thing because otherwise we’re talking revolt.


I digress.

I haven’t tried the Thin Mints this year. Mine are sequestered in an undisclosed location until such time as they are medically necessary.

Look, I’m not harshing on the Girl Scouts or their cookie manufacturers. It’s just that some things shouldn’t change. But when I get through this year’s order, I just have to say that next year the order might be a little different.

Change in life is inevitable. Sometimes it’s a good thing.

Not so much in the case of my missing Samoas. Or, for the record, Windows 10.

I digress.

We get used to things in life and we want them to stay the same.

I joke (somewhat) about the Thin Mints, but they usually come out under the stress of deadlines.

While no less addictive, they’re cheaper than amphetamines.

It’s hard when we have a memory of something being so special and then when we experience it again it’s not what we remember. And no matter how hard we try to recreate or replace, we can never quite get it right.

Sometimes it’s the memory, or the cookie, that seems sweeter.


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    • Anonymous on March 8, 2017 at 6:58 pm

    The Girl Scouts of America use two different companies for their cookies and they trade off from time to time. I’d noticed the difference between the Caramel Delites and the Samoas the first time I tried the CDs. They tasted like sawdust mixed with Caramel sauce. They were awful! I don’t know of anyone who likes them.

    • Susan Kitchin on March 8, 2017 at 6:59 pm

    Oops! Didn’t mean to leave an Anon post. I clicked Submit before I noticed I was supposed to put my name in the box!

    • Diana on March 8, 2017 at 9:54 pm

    I thought it was very intriguing when you were anonymous! Like it was some kind of Girl Scout Wikileaks.

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