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People do not like to think. If one thinks, one must reach conclusions. Conclusions are not always pleasant.

American author and lecturer, Helen Keller, was born on this day in 1880 (died 1968).

I’m just gonna leave that quote right there whilst you go think about the morning headlines.

There’s a lot of not thinking going on out there.

I’m back from a quick weekend trip, and I’m still off today.

Don’t hate.

For me, today is the real beginning of my summer.

I have no rehearsals to go to. I have no class to attend.

I do, however, still have class. Just sayin’.

The summer work schedule means that, yes, I’m working seven days a week from now until our beach vacation. I’m not complaining. I knew what I was getting into.

But for the first time in well over a year, maybe longer, I will have most of my week nights “free.”

Don’t be silly, I never really have free time. Just perhaps to do a little more of the things needing to be done.

The next big project is the script. I’ve written about it some, and will do more in the future. But the goal now is to have a draft of the stage play done by late July in time to be able to edit and read through it at the beach. If I’m bold enough, and confident enough in the material, I might gather some family and friends to do an actual read-thru.

There’s a scary thought.

I’ll also be taking this time to drum up some more freelance writing projects. Hit me up if you’re in need of word putting togethering.

Still, I found through my recently concluded experience with The Mighty Pen Project that my strength in writing is in the creative side. Mrs. Baker told me that in 1976. I just forgot.

Now, some (gulp) forty years later, it’s nice to remember.

Whether you’re writing fiction, or memoirs, or website copy the thing to do is keep writing. Keep putting words together. Keep re-reading your work. Keep reading the work of others.

And, as in the case of this blog have a good editor, who may or may not be your spouse.

It’s Monday, go write something.

Or, go read something. Then exercise your First Amendment rights to not comment about it on social media.

At least until you think about it.



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