Cleanup on Aisle Six



 “Although inspired in part by a true incident, the following story is

fictional and does not depict any actual person or event.”

If you’ve been a parent, or a pet owner, you know that there are messes that inevitably will need to be cleaned up.

And you know, you’re the one who will have to do it.

Face it, no matter how cute or smart that puppy is, when the piddle hits the rug, so to speak, he’s not going to be cleaning it up.

Life happens that way too.

Sometimes, hypothetically speaking again, things happen at work and turn out to be a complete mess. And, instead of making the party, or parties, responsible for the creation of said mess work it out, it falls in your lap.

Even though you recognized the warning signs. Even though you rushed for the leash. Even though you tried to yell “STOP!”

Sometimes it still happens.

It’s not easy to step in to fix a problem created by someone else.

It’s less easy when there are people standing on the sidelines tell you how to fix said problem.

But, what do you do?

Life is messy.

And, sometimes life is about cleaning up messes made by others.

Every politician ever inaugurated into a new term has believed they were there to clean up a mess. Not many of them have. In fact most have simply made matters worse.

I digress, I’m sounding far more cynical than I intended.

In fact, I think this week is trending that way.

Most of us have a three day weekend coming up. It’s the traditional end of the summer.

I’ll likely be cleaning up some of the mess that remains in the yard.

But it’s also a time to take a break and get some perspective on things before the fall season starts in full.

Truth is, my fall season is already in full swing. In all likelihood yours is as well.

Just like the leaves falling there will be messes to clean up.

And, just when you think you’re done, the yard will be covered again.

I suppose you could let the leaves and the snow cover things up and hope that the mess will be gone by spring. But that’s only going to make matters worse.

Suddenly as I’m writing this I have a hankering for apple cider.

I don’t even like apple cider.

Life is messy.

Pick things up.

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