It’s not work if you can get it



I enjoy writing, sometimes; I think that most writers will tell you about the agony of writing more than the joy of writing, but writing is what I was meant to do.
– American author Leon Uris was born on this day in 1924 (died 2003)

I talk a lot about writing here.


Because I’m a writer, that’s why.


It’s possible that I talk about writing here more than I actually write. Well, maybe that used to be true. But now that I’ve embarked upon this mission to turn this into a full-time gig, I’m writing a lot elsewhere.

I’m having fun writing my required 500 words a day. It’s all about how I took a year and turned it into my full-time writing job.

No, you can’t read it yet. It’s only been two weeks.

But, there’s progress.

Writing is indeed fun to me. I love watching the words appear on the screen. I love hearing the clicking of the keys.

Admittedly, I do some writing that’s less enjoyable, but I enjoy the payment-per-word aspect.

They’ll all say it in different ways. But the experts, self-proclaimed or otherwise, will tell you that it’s not work if you enjoy what you’re doing.

I sort of believe that, but not really. It’s still work. It just happens to be more enjoyable.

So, how about you? Do you enjoy your nine-to-five routine? Do you have a nine-to-five routine?

Do you look forward to going to the office, or the school, or the restaurant, or the store?

If not, why not? And, what are you going to do about it?

I am more and more convinced that it’s never too late. It’s never too late to get out there and do what you really want to do.

Assuming my health stays pretty good I’ve got another 20-30 years to be writing.

Crap, surely I’ll have that novel done by then.

Seriously, I expect to have several done by then.

I remember an old Dear Abby column (on a side note I once sat at a table next to Abigail van Buren in a Washington, DC restaurant). But a woman was asking Abby if she should go back to medical school. She was in her 50s and lamented how old she would be when she finished. Abby simply asked her how old she would be in that many years if she didn’t finish.

How old will I be when I finish my first novel?

Ever so much more than twenty.

But, young enough to enjoy it.

What’s your dream? And, why aren’t you working on it?

You have time.

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    • Beth Dunnavant on August 3, 2015 at 8:48 am

    Indeed. Isn’t it interesting how people hit a ‘certain’ age and start saying they are too old to do things? I hope to be doing stuff right up until I die. We all should be.

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