Random thoughts on the last Monday of 2014


If your standard is to never be called arrogant, you’ve probably walked away from your calling.
Seth Godin

Am I arrogant? Oh, probably.

But there’s a certain point at which my arrogance becomes marketing. The things I write here, the things I post on social media. Of course they’re designed to draw attention to me. The point is that when that casting opportunity comes along, or someone needs a writer/editor, or when that book finally arrives on Amazon people will say “hey, I know this guy…”

In other words, if I don’t believe in my work, why should I expect you to?

It’s a rainy Monday morning, the last Monday of 2014. I’m not at work. I’m sorry if you are.

Plans today involve a trip to the chiropractor. We’re beating this shoulder thing, one step at a time.

Plans also involved cleaning out the garage, but I think we’ll put that off until later in the week when it’s not raining. I’m not inclined to load landfill crap in the back of the truck in this weather.

And tonight I have my first rehearsal for Parade, the show I’m doing in March with Jewish Community Theatre. Of course you’re going to hear more about that.

This week is also about recalculating.

I need to put together a reading plan for 2015. I’m not setting a new numerical goal on Goodreads. I didn’t make the 40 I set for 2014. I made a strong thirtysome, which is pretty impressive.

Instead I plan to be more selective in what I read. I need to pull out some of the classics, and some of the significant works of the last century that I have thus far avoided. No, I’ve not made a list (yet).

I also need to figure out a Scripture reading plan. By Wednesday I will have completed another complete read-thru of the Bible. But, in all honesty, some days it was trudging through because I had to, not because I wanted to. I want to take a more structured, less frenzied approach this year so that I know what I’m reading and can understand. I’ll probably have another year when I intend to read all the way through, just not in 2015.

I don’t have that plan yet. But I will.

I need to be more strategic about blog posts, about finding writing clients. Hopefully this week, I’ll have some time to think that through.

As mentioned above, I’m already in rehearsals (or will be as of tonight) for my first show of 2015. I have one other confirmed gig. And I have one other audition that I plan to attend.

The summer and beyond is a little fuzzy. But that’s okay. Opportunities will come.

In the meantime this week I’m cleaning out my office, setting up space for using my new art supplies (I told you I’d get back to the canvas), and I’m thinking through year-end blog posts. I still need to write my annual “More or Less” post.

New Year’s Day I’m taking a first day hike with a good friend and my boys. Next Sunday night the cast of Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure will gather at our home for a holiday cast reunion.

No, I would not say that I’m still grieving. But I will never let go of the memories of that show.

I’m thinking through some health things as well. Certainly recovering from the shoulder and the nasty side effects of the pain meds is top priority. I’m not there yet.

But I’m ending the year almost 35 lbs. lighter than when I started. I’m not sure the methods (see above mentioned side effects) were the best. But I’ll take it.

For now, it’s time to move on with the day.

I’ll be back.

But, you already knew that.

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