Breathing room


On this day in 1811, the first steamboat to sail on the Mississippi River arrived in New Orleans. The picture represents the St. Louis built in 1847.

Perseverance is failing 19 times and succeeding the 20th.
– Singer/Actress Julie Andrews, Born on this Day in 1935.

If you grew up seeing films in the 1960s, and perhaps even if you didn’t, Julie Andrews will always be Maria von Trapp and Mary Poppins. Andrews certainly succeeded in film and on the stage. And when in 1997 she was faced with surgery that left her unable to sing professionally, she persevered. She fought to regain her voice. And she fought for compensation. The case was settled out of court.

But it just highlights the fact that someone who is “practically perfect in every way” may still have challenges in life.

Sometimes persevering may include stopping to regroup.

And that’s what I’m about to do.

I’m not going to whine about how busy I am. There is nothing on my to do list that, in one way or the other, I didn’t allow to be placed there.

But, I need some breathing space.

Truth is, I’m not happy with where the blog is. I don’t like struggling every day to find something to write about.

So, starting today, I’m taking a break from the blog. I need to spend some time redeveloping it and thinking through what I really want it to be.

I’m not quitting. I’m regrouping.

I’ll be back, but I’m not giving a time frame.

I know you’ll miss the daily brilliance. For that you may continue to follow me on Facebook and elsewhere.

Who knows? I may just need a weekend to think this through. I’ll do that between performances and rehearsals.

In a way, this is a gift I was given when I was going through cancer treatment some 23 years ago. There are just times in my life when I know I need to stop what I can and refocus. This is one of those times.

Psalm 46:10 says:

Be still, and know that I am God;
I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in the earth.

Being quiet is a good thing.

That’s what this blog will be for a little while.

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