Be sure your chins will find you out

scalesThe scales are too damn high!

I made it back to the YMCA yesterday morning after a long absence. I almost didn’t step on the scales because I knew the news would not be what I wanted. I was correct.

I’ve not been consistently at the YMCA or consistently walking since about March. I was not being a slacker. A friend described it as a “major falling apart event.”

It’s true. The foot injury from the 10K in March kept me from walking, and for a good while from the pool. At least until the doctor said I could go back.

Then just as I was reaching the end of that, something happened to my shoulder and my arthritis (at least I think it’s arthritis) flared up.

Truth be told, I blame the dog. I can’t pinpoint any damage to the shoulder other than Nic’s visiting his neighbor girlfriends next door one morning and talking my shoulder with him whilst I remained in our back yard.

In a way, it’s funny. No one who really knows me would guess that my injuries would be related to sports and outdoor activities.

So it’s not entirely surprising that the scales started creeping back up. At the same time, I haven’t exactly spent the summer making the best nutritional choices. And then there was vacation.

But enough of that. What I need to do now is rebuild. We’re back on the fall schedule (even though it’s not quite fall). And I’m moving into a season of rehearsals and show production that will take me up to Christmas.

Healthy choices and exercise. That’s what it’s all about. I know that when I limit sugars and grains, I feel better.

I know that when I move my arthritis pain lessens. And I know if I don’t move, the arthritis will consume me.

This isn’t a clarion call for medical or health advice or an invitation to your Amway-esque affiliate page.

Wow, that was snarkier than I meant it to be.

I’m not just whining in this post. I’m establishing the reasons I’ve regressed and documenting what I know I need to do to get back on track.

Consider that this is me kicking myself in the butt. With my arthritis, you have to admit that’s pretty impressive.

This is a call for me not to regret the choices and circumstances of the past, but to determine to do better in the future.

And, it’s also a chance to hear Bette sing…

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