Take a Hike…or not…



There was that time when the doctor said “stop exercising.”

No, maybe I got that wrong. He said “stop walking on your foot.’

But…it’s been three months.

I injured my foot walking (well, I ran a little bit) in the Monument Avenue 10K. That was in March.

Sparing you the details, what I have is an open wound on the bottom of my foot from a blister I developed that day. And no, I’ve told you before, I am not diabetic. Doc says it’s a pressure sore and could take months to heal.

Then he said “stay off of it.”

That put’s harsh on my lunchtime walks, as well as an unmentioned goal I established earlier this year to “take a hike.”

I’m not a backpacker, and likely never will be. I do want to one day accomplish a 30-year-old goal to hike part of the Grand Canyon, most likely to Havasu Falls. It’s on my bucket list. I’ve modified that from hiking the entire canyon. And if you’re in the market to buy me a gift, a tour package to the falls would do nicely.

There are many places around Virginia that are great for hikes. Here’s a list of some.

Incidentally, why that list doesn’t include the Cascades is beyond me. That’s one of my favorite hikes. I also want to, before I die, hike again to the top of Angel’s Rest mountain in Pearisburg. I was first up there when I was in high school. The last time, also some 30 years ago.

I’m not looking for rugged hiking, but walks through God’s amazing creation.

But alas, those walks are going to have to wait. I did get clearance to be in the pool, which is great, and which is where I should be every morning.

Of course not being able to take my customary walks does mean I’ll have a greater challenge getting ready for bikini season.

Go ahead, use the mind bleach to get rid of that image.

For now, I’ll stick to the pool and stay off of the foot. Well, except for Sunday. With the older son working 6 days a week, and the younger son on choir tour, looks like I’ll be mowing the yard for Father’s Day.

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