Random Thoughts on Columbus Day



Thanks for the day off, Chris.

But I keep going back and forth on the web posts about what a horrible human being you were and the contributions you made to the creation of a new country.

In it for the gold? Sure. In it to keep the Muslims from settling here first? Hmmmm…hadn’t thought of that one.

Here’s the thing, just like the continued arguments over slavery and the Civil War, history is history. We should remember it as such.

And learn from it.

Perhaps instead of arguing over the merits or demerits (if you will) of historical figures, let’s agree that, for good or ill, they changed our world. And lets agree that we won’t repeat their mistakes.

Modern slavery, which is very, very real, is a far more important issue than historical slavery. Hundreds of years ago, people accepted slavery for different reasons. But it’s a bit hypocritical to condemn the past and ignore the present.

On other issues…

I’m more offended by Washington, D.C. than I am by the Washington Redskins. Although I’m generally offended by the Redskins when they lose.

While I’ve backed away from active involvement in politics, I’ve not backed away from paying attention. This Virginia election is going to end very, very badly for Republicans. The finger pointing is already beginning, and the “I told you so” press releases already being written.


For now, it looks like sun is finally peeking out. It’s about time.

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